• Gonzo (Circus) & Mind The Gap

GC130_Cover-330x432The november 2015 edition of Gonzo (circus) magazine will feature an article about my work. Anyone who purchases the magazine will get a free Mind The Gap cd featuring a fine selection of the newest experimental music.

This Mind The Gap edition includes also my composition “Where Are You ?” for prepared piano, temple gongs, slit drums and analogue electronic sounds. The  tape part of “Where Are You ?” is based on field recordings from my trip to Rwanda in 2011. I manipulated them via a reel to reel tape recorder and a Walkman cassette player. The instrumental score is a musical translation and interpretation of a text about the Rwandan Genocide from April 1994.

Special thanks to Benjamin Van Vliet

• iii & Q O2 artist residency + Baltic tour

iii Instrument Inventors Initiative is currently in residency in MoKS (Mooste, Estonia) all month of October. I have been invited to join them (for which I feel very honored). Next to developing new work in the relaxing and inspiring environment of Mooste, we’re also touring around the Baltics. In the coming weeks I’ll take part in gigs and public presentations in Üle Heli Festival in Talinn, No Patent Pending # 15 in Mooste and the No Patent Pending # 16 in Helsinki.

Special thanks to Q-O2 for co-supporting my artist residency here in MoKS

No Patent Pending #16

(iii) Instrument Inventors Initiative is an artist run platform based in The Hague, that develops self-made media which supports idiosyncratic research trajectories that zig-zag between disciplines and distribution channels.

(iii) operates as a production house, artist residency and distribution agency, promoting radical interdisciplinary work crossing between the fields of music, visual arts, theatre and media design. Inventing new instruments and out-of-the-box presentation formats that engage with the four dimensions of image, sound, space and the body, iii strives to offer unique experiences to a broad and varied audience.


• Vernissage Context, Gravity, Expression – TZ

ASANTE SANA (…thank you..) lovely Dar Es Salaam audience for visiting the vernissage of [Context, Gravity, Expressions] It was a real pleasure to see such a big turnout.

Vernissage Context, Gravity, Expressions

… and endless gratitude to Anoek De Smet (pic below): hardly any electricity and hardly any internet (even minutes before the opening) made it all extra challenging. But it’s your great ideas  and your perseverance that made this audio visual exhibition possible even in the most difficult circumstances. So thanks again for inviting me into this unique project and to make my long-time dream to collaborate with Nicholas Calvin turn into reality.

Context, Gravity, Expressions

BIG THANK you also to Alliance Française Dar Es Salaam for allowing us to inhabit your beautiful space for a short while. And special thanks to the generous support of the Belgian Embassy in Dar Es Salaam.

• Dar Es Salaam calling

Just back home from touring the USA , but already moving on to a new exhibition project in Dar Es Salaam, which will feature new photography and video work by Nicholas Calvin, Tanzanian visual artist. I will reinterpret Nicholas Calvin’s visuals and create several new sound installations from it. To premiere my very first sound installations in Tanzania means a lot to me: all the inspiration I got from several travels in East Africa over more than a decade, now will finally find its way back to East Africa


click on the picture above to see more of Nicholas Calvin’s collection




Nicholas Calvin (TZ) & Aurélie Lierman (BE/RW)

new video and sound installations + photo exhibition

daily 15.09.2015 – 30.09.2015

Alliance Française Dar Es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam (TZ)

curator Anoek De Smet


• West Coast <3

My tour along the West Coast of the US is completed.  Had live improv and new music gigs at Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco & Oakland – where I had the chance to discover the wonderful communities of experimental artists – what a great and productive crowd. Special thanks to Motoko Honda, Carmina Escobar, Theresa Wong, Aram Shelton, Mark Clifford, Lorin Benedict, Bob Marsh for the inspiring and heartwarming artistic collaborations on and off stage. Well, I am in love with the West Coast, so plans are made to come back asap and make more music, much more !


Aurélie Lierman - Outsound Series 23/7 - San Francisco

photo © Peter Kaars

if you click on the photo above, you’ll get to see more pics of my USA tour

• Radia Fm – a podcast – worldwide

Looking forward to the most beautiful radio premiere I could imagine for Maria, Mariza and maybe Marianna: offered as a free downloadable podcast in a worldwide daily broadcast from 08.06.2015 – 14.06.2015, on twenty-five different Radia Fm stations. For the precise time schedules per station and country please click here (!)

down below all participating stations:

Radio Campus (Brussels, BE) – Radio Papesse (Firenze, IT) – Radio Grenouille (Marseille, FR) – Resonance104.4FM (London, UK) – TEAFM (Zaragoza, ESP) – Kanal103 (Skopje, MKD) – CKUT (Montreal, CAN) – Radio Helsinki (Graz, AT) – Radio Nova (Oslo, NO) – Radio Panik (Brussels, BE) – Radio Orange (Wien, AT) – Radio x (Frankfurt, DE) – Radio Student (Ljubljana, SVN) – Campus Paris (Paris, FR) – Ràdio Zéro (Lisboa, PT) – Wave Farm WXGC (Arca/Hudson, NY, USA) – Radio Corax (Halle, DE) – Soundart Radio (Dartington/Totnes, UK) – CFRC (Kingston ON, CAN) – Jet Fm (Nantes, FR) – Radio One ( Dunedin, NZ) – East Side Fm (Sydney, AU) – Reboot Fm (Berlin, DE) – Radio Worm (Rotterdam, NL)

Maria, Mariza and maybe Marianna is presented as Radia FM show # 532 via Radio Campus Bruxelles. (Special thanks to Kika !)




• EXPO Patterns for (Re)cognition – (last days) – CH

LAST DAYS of expo Patterns for (Re)cognition and the sound installation Sampling the Man of Memory at Kunsthalle Basel (CH) (up till May 25th). Don’t miss it !

Press conference Kunsthalle Basel

Vincent Meessen, Elena Filipovic (curator), Aurélie Lierman at the press conference last Feb 12th, hours before the vernissage of the expo Patterns… time flies ! – (photo Art Inside Basel)

• Sous Casques – Paris – FR

[Sous Casques]
 is a traveling sonic installation with headphones. Organised once a week, each time on a different location somewhere in the public space in Paris. In May 2015 it will be held in Jardin du Palais Royal  (Colonnes de Buren).
Palais_Royal_et_les_Colonnes_de_Buren__1431517477_82.139.122.204On Sunday May 17th the program includes a selection of sound pieces by Emmanuel Holterbach, Luc Ferrari, Béatriz Ferreyra, Rodolphe Alexis, Stéphane Rives, Jules Wysocki and some of my own work. Free entrance, All welcome !

• La Semaine Surréaliste – FR

la semaine surrealiste
This weekend the project Meanwhile, in Fukushima will be presented at La Semaine Surréaliste, an annual cross-disciplinary arts festival in Bordeaux. The evening long program includes compositions by Joachim Montessui, Carl Stone, Tomoko Momiyama, Bérangère Maximin, Colin Johnco and my own piece The Girl, the Turtle and the Earthquake. All pieces are conceived around the subject of Japan and Fukushima 3/11.
• Friday 08.05.2015 – 20h30 (CONCERT)

Theatre du Pont Tourtnant, Bordeaux (FR), Entrance: 5/8 €

 • Saturday 09.05.2015 – 17h00 (CONFERENCE)
project presentation of Meanwhile, in Fukushima by Dominique Balaÿ
Le Node, Bordeaux (FR), Entrance: free

• Love Song – ChampdAction – BE

Love Song - ChampdActions

Today is the opening of Love Songa collaborative installation for a multitude of ‘heart shaped ‘speakers at deSingel in Antwerp. Hundreds of composers, musicians, writers and other artists from around the globe have participated. I chose a beautiful ancient folksong from Cyprus, about maternal love, and then manipulated it electronically.

Love Song is an initiative by ChampdAction and is open May 2nd – May 23rd. Free entrance

• France Culture – solo radio interview

Invited by Thomas Baumgartner from L’Atelier du son for a chat about my work as a radio artist. Focussing on Anosmia, a reflection on the Rwandan Genocide, and Sampling the Man of Memory, a sound installation created for the current expo Patterns for (Re)cognition at Kunsthalle Basel (CH)

L’Atelier du son

Friday 24.04.2015

23h00 – 00h00 CET

France Culture – Paris (FR)

• ΜΑΜΑΔΑΜΊΤΑΕΠΑ – world première – NL

Happiness is …

ΜΑΜΑΔΑΜΊΤΑΕΠΑ worldpremiere

when one of your favorite composer friends (Mikolaj Laskowski) writes a brand new composition for you and one of your favorite musician friends (Clara Rivière). ΜΑΜΑΔΑΜΊΤΑΕΠΑ, based on बोगुरोद्ज़िका, is an a cappella piece for two singers using each others mouth cavities as resonators.

Tuesday 14.04.2015  [ΜΑΜΑΔΑΜΊΤΑΕΠΑ] (première)

Studio I

Juliana Van Stolberglaan 1

2595CA Den Haag (NL)

17h00 – Free entrance

soprano: Aurélie Lierman

alto: Clara Rivière


• POLITICS OF THE VOICE – focus on Yannis Kyriakides – FR

I’ll be hosting a radioshow for WebSYNradio (FR) where alongside my own work I’ll also present one of my favorite contemporary artists, Yannis Kyriakides, known for his unique way of utilizing speech, video text and music in his compositions and sound installations.

[Politics Of The Voice]

two week broadcast, daily from 14h00 – 15h30 CET

02.04.2015 – 16.04.2015 www.synradio.fr

(upon invitation of Dominique Balaÿ)

00_Yannis Kyriakides profile

• EXPO Patterns for (Re)cognition – (visitors info) – CH

[Patterns for (Re)cognition]

Kunsthalle Basel (CH)

12.02.2015 – 25.05.2015

Tue / Wed / Fri 11am–6pm

Thu 11am–8.30pm
Sat / Sun 11am–5pm

Sampling the Man of Memory is an installation created in close collaboration w Vincent Meessen for this expo.

Sampling the Man of Memory

Technical specification: sound installation; media players, 2 NAGRA loudspeakers, 4 NAGRA III tape recorders,  magnetic tape; 12 stools, melamine on MDF, wood; each stool 42 • 50 • 50 cm [NAGRAs: Philippe Vandendriessche, Brussels – Courtesy Vincent Meessen, Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman]

• “Sampling…” – a new collaboration – CH

Courtesy-©RMCA-011-e1381388715410Excited about the creation of “Sampling the Man of Memory” a brand new sound installation in close collaboration with Vincent Meessen for the exhibition ‘Patterns for (Re)-Cognition’.

Vernissage is on February 12th 2015 at 19h00 in Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland. The exhibition will be opened for the public from Feb 13th till May 25th 2015.

(photo Courtesy RMCA, Tervuren, BE)