• Christian Nyampeta: Scriptorium

Christian Nyampeta

Artist Christian Nyampeta’s Scriptorium is a space for “writing,” in which a working group translates Kinyarwandan as well as Francophone texts of African expression into English. Attention is then given to short texts, songs and films from or related to modern and contemporary Rwandan Thought and life practices.

His next Scriptorium goes under the title A Flower Garden of All Kinds of Loveliness Without Sorrow. And is conceived as an evening of thoughts, poems, songs, and videos featuring Christian Nyampeta (RW/NL) himself as well as video artist Laura Nsengiyumva (RW/BE), composer Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman (RW/BE) and film maker Amelia Umuhire (RW/DE).

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• The Edges of the Voice

iii the reading room - Relay conversationOn December 8th and December 9th I participated in The Edges of The Voice – Reading Room #29 & # 30 in The Hague: reading and discussing texts by Anne Carson & Eduardo Kohn together with Amelia Groom, Sissel Marie Tonn, Floria Reznik. ==> Here an Invitation to read the relay conversation further reflecting on what was discussed back then. (drawing by Sissel Marie Tonn)