Syrphe Records - Alternate African Reality (cover photo Cedrik Fermont)• Alternate African Reality

On January 29th 2020 the compilation album Alternate African Reality – Electronic, electroacoustic and experimental music from Africa and the diaspora will be released via Syrphe, Berlin (DE)




Organo album release cover 5 artwork by Riccardo MarognaOrgano

On December 18th 2018 the self-titled albumdebut of Organo is released on bandcamp featuring Ábel Fazekas & Riccardo Marogna on bass clarinets and Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman on voice.




Constellations audio - iota mikroConstellations

On October 12th 2018 my opus nr 1 –  iota mikro (2012) –  will be featured at the online sound art project Constellations and is from then on free for download via iTunes. Constellations is curated by Jess Shane & Michelle Macklem




Audio Den Haag (iii) audio DH

compilation album featuring a selection of 250 creators from/related to the blossoming sound art scene of The Hague. my contribution is a collaboration with Motoko Hondarecorded in Outsound Presents, San Francisco 2015

Todays Art iiinitative / Francisco López – The Hague 2016



Gonzo CircusMind The Gap # 117

compilation album featuring “Where Are You?”

Gonzo (circus) magazine, Virtumedia Amsterdam/Brussels 2015



Santoor Lena Bicycle – Tourette Records, Texas (USA) 2014

[SIC] – self released, London (UK) 2013


varkenshond coverVARKENSHOND 

Hargawaan Por Shail – Aguirre Records, Antwerp (BE) 2017

Varkenshond #2 – No Basement Is Deep Enough records, Antwerp (BE) 2013 (free download)

Varkenshond #1 – self released, Antwerp (BE) 2007


sonic terrainSONIC TERRAIN (free download)

Just Outside the Wombskin – NATURE – STR002 – Melledin (CO) 2013




One man's noiseONE MAN’S NOISE (free download)

Forty Rules to Make A Sound – self released, Athens (GR) 2013




Dans Les Yeux d’Aurore, Viva Disc, Brussel (BE) 2008

Paperplane, Fratelli Records, Aarschot (BE) 2008

One Winged Angel, Virgin Music Germany, Berlin (DE) 2007

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