iota mikro

Author: Aurélie Lierman

Première: April 2012

Venue: Studio I, Den Haag (NL)

Genre: radio composition, Afrique Concrète

• Program notes: Build up like a dream sequence “iota mikro” invites us into an intimate and introspective journey by evoking imaginary memories from Aurélie Lierman’s very early childhood years. “iota mikro” is an artistic reflection on Aurélie’s double identity, Belgian and Rwandan, revealing her experiences of the two different realities. All sounds heard are purely based on recent field recordings from Aurélie Lierman’s birthplace at the Karisimbi volcano in Rwanda. Since her real paper birth certificate is missing, this is Aurélie Lierman’s sonic birth certificate.

• Technical details: 8’43”, 2.1 stereo playback

Kinyarwanda is the only language heard in “iota mikro” but translation is not needed as most of the Kinyarwanda words are used as pure sound poetry and non-semantic abstract sound bits, distorted or manipulated in another way.

• iota mikro won the Third prize – Category Short Form, Grand Prix Nova 2013, Bucharest (RO)

‘iota mikro” is dedicated to her adorable two year old Rwandan Belgian godchild: Jerom Dom.

PRESS: radio interview about iota mikro

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