• 5 Umva! foto's kleine resolutie (c) 08.02.2023 Anne van Zantwijk 2 Umva!
    Duration: 55’ | Music theatrical performance for a sextet | Instrumentation: singing and speaking voice, shell chimes, Fulani flute, ihembe, slit drum, flexatones, amayugi, double wind wand bullroaer, talking drum, viola, fujara, duduk, kaval, frame drum, digital tape – Premiered by HERMESensemble & Silbersee March 2023



  • 5 CGB_DSCF1983_C_sightwaysIshango
    Duration: 17’ | Chambermusic piece for a trio | Instrumentation: wood block, singing and speaking voice, kazoo, Bb bass clarinet, melodica, tuned bottles – premiered by Organo February 2022



  • Ana Torfs portraitWir Irren music theater by/with Jean-Luc Fafchamps and Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman for Ictus Ensemble - February 2020 (world premiere)




  • Gertrude Stein - photo Cecil Beatonsoloist in What Happened | Plays a contemporary chamber opera by Samuel Vriezen – May 2019 (worldpremiere)




Organo album release cover 5 artwork by Riccardo MarognaOrgano for solo soprano and two bass clarinets ft. Abel Fazekas, and Riccardo Marogna – December 2018




  •  jimena maldonadoAxolotl – by Jimena Maldonado for solo voice and vibraphone – June 2017




Semay Wu‘… continuous present’ – by Semay Wu for solo voice, two dancers, live visuals, live electronics – June 2016 (world premiere)




Yvonne Freckmann• ‘G’ – a throat opera for solo voice and live visuals and live electronics – by Yvonne Freckmann – June 2016





Ngo Hong Quang• Kuv Koj Wb - a cappella vocal duo by Ngo Hong Quang (world premiere) – June 2016





Renan Zelada• 3 Songs for solo voice and piano – by Renan Zelada –  April 2016 (world premiere)





sascha van thiele• The Cruel Mother for solo voice and viola da gamba– by Sascha Thiele – April 2016 (world premiere)




alexandros gkonis• Le Directeur duet for voice and clarinet – by Alexandros Gkonis – December 2015 (world premiere)




Mikolaj Laskowski• ΜΑΜΑΔΑΜΊΤΑΕΠΑ a cappella vocal duet by Mikolaj Laskowski – April 2015 (world premiere)








Robert-Ashley solo vocalist in She Was A Visitor by Robert Ashley/ arr. Yannis Kyriakides – April 2014 (world premiere)





leonie roessler_3• The Garden for solo voice, piano and cello by Leonie Roessler – April 2012 (world premiere)




michalis paraskakis• D. for 8 voices by Michalis Paraskakis – May 2011 (world premiere)




christian wolff• Changing The System for chamber choir and ensemble by Christian Wolff – November 2013





kristz auznieks• Tout Pour Moi Devient Allegorie for two mezzo sopranos, digital tape and ensemble by Krists Auznieks - April 2012 (world premiere)




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