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Kropka Na Ogonie & Soroka Fruwa is a miniature music theatrical performance in two acts for solo percussionist

KROPKA NA OGONIE – Polish for Dot On The Tail - is about the visual beauty of written language and how from writing gestures and the art of engraving you can create a sonic and a visual composition. Graffiti and calligraphy form an important source of inspiration, as well as the shape of the Polish alphabet and its diacritics ( a.o. kropka .  and ogonie  ̨ ).

SOROKA FRUWA – Polish for Magpie Is Flying – is about body language and non verbal communication with the human child and birds as archetypes.

composition: Aurélie Lierman
performance: Marianna Soroka

sound recording: Rob Strolenberg

Stockhausen studio, The Hague (NL)

© April 2016

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