Author: Aurélie Lierman
Premiere: April 2003
Venue: Piazza, Radio 1, VRT, Brussel/Hollanddoc, VPRO, Hilversum

Program notes: Nyirabikari is the internationally critically acclaimed radio documentary by Aurélie Lierman, in which she decides to go back to her native country Rwanda. Determined to find out how she became an orphan, and to get to know who decided to give her away for adoption.

Unknown• Nyirabikari was the official VRT -entry for Prix Europa, Berlin (DE) – 2003 and also Grenzeloos Geluid Festival, Amsterdam (NL) – 2003

• Nyirabikari was first broadcasted in two parts (VRT, April 2003)Nyirabikari pt1, was broadcasted previously under the title Terug naar (

Af (-rika), and won the 2nd Prize at RVU/NTR – radio Award, Hilversum (NL) – 2001

PRESS: Article in De Standaard 30.04.2004

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