MOSAIC_logo1Koor & Stem has appointed me as their Artistic Coordinator for MoSaIC: a European pilot project initiated by Amadeus Ensemble (Italy), Swinging Europe (Denmark), Sound Cultural Foundation (Romania) and Koor & Stem (Belgium).



MoSaIC is short for Music for Sound Integration in the Creative Sector and aims to use music as a means for social participation by bringing European and non-European musicians together and share each other’s musical traditions.

Each of the 4 mentioned partners assembles – within its own country – a brand new multi cultural ensemble. These 4 ‘national’ ensembles will eventually come together as one larger cross cultural orchestra and choir at the World Music Festivals 2020.

The Belgian branch is under the wings of Koor & Stem who gathered a bunch of nine ridiculously talented and very diverse musicians:

Vida Razavi, Iran – dutar
Zeno Popescu, Roumania – singer
Greet Wielemans, Belgium – singer
Moufadehl Adhoum, Tunesia – ud, piano
Emre Gültekin, Belgium/Turkey – sas, singer
Anja Agnes Kowalski, Germany – guitar, singer
Natalia Nikolaevna Sercu-Bachtina, Russia – singer
Mirjam de Wit, The Netherlands – clarinette, piano
Paul Sojo Machado, Venezuela – percussion, singer

As Artistic Coordinator I get the honor to experiment with the endless sonic and narrative possibilities you get from such a unique cross cultural instrumentation and voicing. With this ensemble I will also get to tailor a series of workshops, develop compositions and organize concerts: all of this to be showcased on several occasions in Belgium and at the World Music Festival 2020 in Milan (Italy).

Down below an impression of our very first music session in Brussels with the nine musicians of the ‘Belgian’ ensemble: right away putting into practice the idea(l)s behind MoSaIC.

Acticity 6 - Koor & Stemphoto Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman (MoSaIC in Molenbeek, Brussels – June 2019)


17.01.2019 – 19.01.2020 new work premiered at Becoming MoSaIC, Brussels
06.11.2020 – 08.11.2020 new work premiered at World Music Festival, Milano

other concert dates will follow soon

Follow our musical journey via Youtube, Flickr, Fb and the MoSaIC website.


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