• KARIAKOO is a portrait of Kariakoo, a vibrant neighborhood in Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania).
    It’s hard to speak of one specific ‘protagonist’ in KARIAKOO. Since the ‘superstar’ in this story is not a person but a geographical spot. Not one human being but a whole neighborhood. Not singular but plural.
    KARIAKOO is about the whole community of individuals who are living or working, visiting or just walking accidentally in and out Kariakoo: all together forming a highly unique polyphony of ‘voices’ creating a sonic environment with a clearly defined identity.
There are some voices that you may consider as ‘singular characters’ but in fact they are reduced to the function of supporting actors. Or as ‘humanized’ props, merely used like a vessel, to carry the narrative from one scene to another. Or like a medium through which the story of Kariakoo gets transmitted or received, told or heard.

Act I On Congo Str., 11 am
Act II Hotel Sikukuu, Fifth Floor, 5 pm
Act III Lullabies Above Pemba Str. (Swahili Nocturne), 3 am

Duration: 37’30”
Year: 2013
Form: installation for light score & digital tape (4.2 cross stereo)
Awards: 1st prize Category Soundscapes, at Sonic Arts Award 2013, Rome
Premiered: Feb 2013, Theater Dakota, Homegrown Handmade, Den Haag (NL)

Other Tourdates:
Arnold Schönbergzaal, March 2013, Den Haag
PIARS, Sonic Arts Awards, June 2013, Rome
Osso, Ecos #1, July 2013, Lisbon
Süden, Radio Papesse, August 2013, Firenze
Unyati, September 2014, Johannesburg
Central Saint Martins (Call for Action), March 2016, London
Mata Noise, July 2015, Los Angeles
Courtisane Filmfestival, April 2023, Ghent

Blow Up Magazine, Italy
Passage X, Belgium
De Standaard, Belgium

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