“Where Are You ?” is a musical composition for prepared piano, percussion and analogue electronic sounds.
The tape part of “Where Are You ?” is based on field recordings from Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman’s 2011 trip to Rwanda. Lierman manipulated them via a reel to reel tape recorder and a Walkman cassette player. The instrumental score is a musical translation and interpretation of a text about the Rwandan Genocide from April 1994.04_Aurélie Lierman - tape & light

Title: “Where Are You ?”
Duration: 8’19”
Year: 2014
Performers: Ensemble Royaal
Form: Trio for 2 percussionists and 1 pianist
Instrumentation: temple gongs, slit drums, prepared piano, analogue tape, analogue television screen, video camera (2.1 stereo)
Premiered: Kees van Baarenzaal, April 2014, Den Haag
Release: Mind The Gap #117 – Nov 1st 2015, Gonzo (circus), Amsterdam

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