• Here a link to pictures from the ASIA ON TAPE – 2017 field recording sessions

Aurélie Lierman explored during summer 2017 the sonic landscape of urban and rural China, via durational field recording sessions in Beijing, Shanghai, Dali, Shaxi and Lashihai. This was Aurélie’s first extended stay in mainland China, and marked the beginning of her quest to find out what East Africa – her usual field of sonic research – and East Asia may have (or not have) in common. Aurélie Lierman is mainly curious about a possible new socio-cultural hybrid as a result of the growing economic exchange and collaborations between both regions.

This investigation, was made possible by the generous support of Lijiang Studio in Yunnan – China. Special thanks to Crystal Pascucci & Jay Brown

Yunnan, China 2017

(photo Aurélie Lierman, shrine in a Buddhist temple in Sha Xi, Yunnan, China)

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