Matrix 3• April 2020 [Matrix Componistenfiche, Leuven (BE)]




woz-die-wochenzeitung-squarelogo-1445502886818• Feb 2019 [Die Wochenzeitung, Zürich (CH) ]





iii the reading room - Relay conversation (image by Sissel Marie Tonn)• Dec 2018 [The Reading Room #29 & #30, The Hague (NL)]





between air• May 2018 [Microphones and Loudspeakers , Zürich (CH)]





Grounds for possible music, Errant Bodies• April 2018 [Grounds for Possible Music, ed. Errant Bodies Berlin (DE)/Q-02 Brussels (BE)]




Patterns• September 2017 [Patterns for (Re)cognition, ed. Bozar/Snoeck (BE)]





Tales of Sonic Displacement• June 2017 [Tales of Sonic displacement – Q-02 (BE)/ Tipografia Beira Alta (PT)] p76-78 via



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