Le soir logo •  January 2020 [ Le Soir Plus (BE)]





The Quietus• September 2019 [The Quietus (UK)]




glissando • July 2019 [Glissando (PL)]





kunstenpunt• November 2018 [Kunstenpunt (BE)]




the wire magazine• October 2018 [The Wire Magazine (UK)]




Kraak• April 2018 [Kraak/ The Avant Guardian (BE)]




the view from fez• January 2018 [The View From Fez (MAR)]




Morocco-World-News-Logo-Stacked-CMYK-copy• January 2018 [Morocconworldnews (MAR)]




Pyschbaby• December 2017 [It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine (SVN)]




art press• October 2017 [Artpress on Patterns for (Re)cognition] expo Bozar, Brussels (BE)]





Metropolis M• July 2017 [Metropolis M – Patterns for (Re)cognition expo Bozar, Brussels (BE) ]



algemeen dagblad• April 2017 [AD Den Haag – Dubbelinterview Martijn Padding & Aurélie Lierman – (NL)]





algemeen dagblad• October 2016 [Algemeen D] – City of Sounds (NL) ]





Gonzo Circus• November 2015 [Gonzo (circus) Magazine (BE/NL)]





The Rest is Noise• July 2015 [Alex Ross on my USA 2015 tour]





kunsthalle basel• Feb 2015 – May 2015  [Patterns for (Re)cognition – Kunsthalle Basel (CH)]




syntone• October 2014  [Webzine Syntone (FR)]




Blow Up• May 2014  [Blow Up Magazine (IT)]





kwadratuurFeb 2014 [Kwadratuur (BE)]





museum de lakenhal• Sept 2012 – Jan 2013  [Parelen in kunst, natuur & dans – Museum De Lakenhal (NL)]





kindamuzik• May 2012 [Kinda Muzik – Occupied Space, Sonolabduo (NL)]





destandaard• Oktober 2004 [De Standaard (BE) ]

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