Title:  (Non) Humanism & Animism
Subtitle: Absental Dynamics
Performers: But What About
Composition, Concept & Scenography:  Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman
Instrumentation: speaking voice, bass clarinet, frame drum, prepared ukelele, kalimba, berimbau, double windwand bullroarer, melodica, toy instruments, foley, blue tooth speaker, electronic tape
Support for technical realisation: Ruud Kluten (Muziekhuis, Utrecht)
Programma & Venue: Senses Working Overtime (Het Huis, Utrecht)
Performance Data: 07 en 08 september 2018, Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2018 (world premiere)
Commissioned by Gaudeamus with support of FPK (Dutch Funds for the Arts)
(Non) Humanism & Animism - audeamus 2018  (photo by Herre Vermeer)
 (photo Herre Vermeer)

We live under constant visual stimulation these days. But for most of us our ears are still our primary sense organ to engage with the world around us: for orientation, to detect possible threats; either create a feeling of safety, comfort and… even belonging. I have always been curious about our emotional responses to sound and our tendency to – regardless of the degree of abstraction – create meaning and eventually a whole (imaginary) narrative around it.

(Non) Humanism & Animism is my new series of sonic researches zooming in on the semiotic power of sound and also acoustics: conceived as a performative installation and an attempt to unfold various sonic perspectives as well as sonic choreographies. In my first ‘episode’ of this series – subtitled Absental Dynamics  – all is an exploration into the single perspective of how we humans perceive sound: how we hear and listen. Hence a set up that can accurately represent the human hearing apparatus: every listener receives a set of headphones to listen to binaural sound (3D audio).
Absental Dynamics is the forerunner of a performative installation in which I will integrate a more inclusive view on the act of listening: reflecting on interaction and communication with humans as well as with non humans and other sentient beings (e.g. animals, plants, inanimate objects, spirits).
(Non) Humanism & Animism, will get premiered by But What About at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2018 in Utrecht (NL).

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