In the summer of 2011, Aurélie Lierman travelled throughout East-Africa in an attempt to capture the soundscape of modern rural and urban Africa in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Rwanda, RDC. is under construction. It will be a growing database of the field recordings then collected. In the meantime you can find here a selection of the compositions, performances and installations derived from that epic trip.



/// WORKS (selection) ///

Tele Drumming (2016)

Context, Gravity, Expressions (2015)

Sampling the Man of Memory (2015)

“Maria, Mariza and maybe Marianna” (2014)

Anosmia (2013)

“Where Are You ?” (2014)


Mrs. & Mr. Goodness (2012)

LOOP (2012)

Just Outside The Wombskin (2012)

iota mikro (2012)