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[Patterns for (Re)cognition]

Kunsthalle Basel (CH)

12.02.2015 – 25.05.2015

Tue / Wed / Fri 11am–6pm

Thu 11am–8.30pm
Sat / Sun 11am–5pm

Sampling the Man of Memory is an installation created in close collaboration w Vincent Meessen for this expo.

Sampling the Man of Memory

Technical specification: sound installation; media players, 2 NAGRA loudspeakers, 4 NAGRA III tape recorders,  magnetic tape; 12 stools, melamine on MDF, wood; each stool 42 • 50 • 50 cm [NAGRAs: Philippe Vandendriessche, Brussels – Courtesy Vincent Meessen, Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman]