• Year Of The Voice

2015 IN A NUTSHELL ? A crazy episode with lots of new beginnings, debuts, premieres and spontaneous collaborations across 3 continents in 7 countries. Funny enough: there’s was no world tour planned, it just evolved that way as the year passed. But no complaints: I feel extremely privileged with all these travel experiences and fully embrace that I can combine my art with a life as a global citizen – with these confusing times we’re living in I often wander for how much longer.  But nevertheless I am blessed for the time being and I’d wish every single person in the world could move as freely as I have done over the passed 12 months.

01_Le Directeur - Korzo 14 12 15Baltic tour with iii collectiveContext, Gravity, Expressions

Over summer I had my very first vocal solo performances ever… in Hollywood and continued on my very first tour in the USA. Shortly after that I collaborated with Nicholas Calvin on new installations for (probably) the very first sound and video art exhibition ever in Tanzania (über proud). Right after the opening of that expo went sound hunting in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar. After another instant swop of continents and climates found myself in remote fairy tale like forests of Southeastern Estonia brooding on new artistic ideas (with collective iii and Q-02). Took a small detour via Finland, came back home and dived into a new Brussels based collaboration with Lazara Rossell Albear/Sammy Baloji. Where the hell did this crazy year start?  Oh wait, … Yeah! Another memorable collaboration with Vincent Meessen for an exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel in Switzerland.

basel-1252635omslag3Sampling the Man of Memory Zlatko Mićić


THAT’S IT?   NO !   Much more happened in between, before and after.. with a numerous amount of inspiring artists/new made friends. And there are too little words to express my gratitude to everyone who has been part of my dreamlike artistic journey. Right now in the midsts of developing new ideas and then to give thanks to all beautiful things that have happened, I’ll come back in 2016 with new music and more performances.

VarkenshondUSA tourMikolaj


The year 2016 will be at least as exciting as I’ll take new artistic steps. I will focus an entire year solely on the idea of the voice: throughout my work as a composer and a sound artist. But also more and more as a performer of new music: I can hardly believe – and I feel very lucky – that several composers are in this very moment writing brand new compositions especially for my voice.

In 2016 alone I’ll world premiere new vocal work by Henry Vega (USA), Semay Wu (UK), Mikolaj Laskowski (PL), Renan Zelada (CHL), Sasha Thielen (DE), Nikos Kokolakis (GR), Leo Svirky (USA), Michalis Paraskakis (GR), Ngo Hong Quang (VNM), Emile Tan Erten (TR) and many more.

Also very excited about several new commissions and collaborations in which the voice will also play a key element: a new sound installation for Slagwerk Den Haag (NL), a new video and sound installation by visual artist Toshie Takeuchi (JP), and a set of new compositions for percussionist Marianna Soroka (PL).

Curious about the newest vocal sound around? Check my agenda once in a while for any updates popping up. Meanwhile HAPPY HOLIDAYS and SEE YOU in 2016 !







(photos © Zlatko Mićić, Theo Huijgens, Philippe Vandendriessche, Alex Schröder, Michel Martins, Aurélie Lierman)

• Lazara Rosell Albear & Sammy Baloji

• [ Bare Faced excerpt 2]

Bare- Faced, a video installation by Sammy Baloji + Lazara Rossell Albear will be exhibited at EXPO Incarnation(s) Maison Des Cultures Molenbeek, Brussels (BE) (curator Estelle Lecaille).

On the vernissage night Thu 19.11.2015 Bare Faced also exists as a live performance for video, voice, drums, toy instruments, tape, movement by Lazara Rossell Albear and Aurélie Lierman.


• [Bare Faced excerpt 1]

• A Swiss alphorn, a jodel and a dance in Dar Es Salaam

Next Wednesday sept 30th, in Dar Es Salaam, there will be a Swiss alphorn, jodel and dance performance by Stephan Grossenbacher and Muda Africa dancers as part of the closure of expo [Context, Gravity, Expressions] –

Doors: 18h00, Alliance Française Dar Es Salaam – Free Entrance.

Karibuni Sana/Most welcome. Down below … a sneak preview !


• Vernissage Context, Gravity, Expression – TZ

ASANTE SANA (…thank you..) lovely Dar Es Salaam audience for visiting the vernissage of [Context, Gravity, Expressions] It was a real pleasure to see such a big turnout.

Vernissage Context, Gravity, Expressions

… and endless gratitude to Anoek De Smet (pic below): hardly any electricity and hardly any internet (even minutes before the opening) made it all extra challenging. But it’s your great ideas  and your perseverance that made this audio visual exhibition possible even in the most difficult circumstances. So thanks again for inviting me into this unique project and to make my long-time dream to collaborate with Nicholas Calvin turn into reality.

Context, Gravity, Expressions

BIG THANK you also to Alliance Française Dar Es Salaam for allowing us to inhabit your beautiful space for a short while. And special thanks to the generous support of the Belgian Embassy in Dar Es Salaam.