• A Swiss alphorn, a jodel and a dance in Dar Es Salaam

Next Wednesday sept 30th, in Dar Es Salaam, there will be a Swiss alphorn, jodel and dance performance by Stephan Grossenbacher and Muda Africa dancers as part of the closure of expo [Context, Gravity, Expressions] –

Doors: 18h00, Alliance Française Dar Es Salaam – Free Entrance.

Karibuni Sana/Most welcome. Down below … a sneak preview !


• Vernissage Context, Gravity, Expression – TZ

ASANTE SANA (…thank you..) lovely Dar Es Salaam audience for visiting the vernissage of [Context, Gravity, Expressions] It was a real pleasure to see such a big turnout.

Vernissage Context, Gravity, Expressions

… and endless gratitude to Anoek De Smet (pic below): hardly any electricity and hardly any internet (even minutes before the opening) made it all extra challenging. But it’s your great ideas  and your perseverance that made this audio visual exhibition possible even in the most difficult circumstances. So thanks again for inviting me into this unique project and to make my long-time dream to collaborate with Nicholas Calvin turn into reality.

Context, Gravity, Expressions

BIG THANK you also to Alliance Française Dar Es Salaam for allowing us to inhabit your beautiful space for a short while. And special thanks to the generous support of the Belgian Embassy in Dar Es Salaam.

• Dar Es Salaam calling

Just back home from touring the USA , but already moving on to a new exhibition project in Dar Es Salaam, which will feature new photography and video work by Nicholas Calvin, Tanzanian visual artist. I will reinterpret Nicholas Calvin’s visuals and create several new sound installations from it. To premiere my very first sound installations in Tanzania means a lot to me: all the inspiration I got from several travels in East Africa over more than a decade, now will finally find its way back to East Africa


click on the picture above to see more of Nicholas Calvin’s collection




Nicholas Calvin (TZ) & Aurélie Lierman (BE/RW)

new video and sound installations + photo exhibition

daily 15.09.2015 – 30.09.2015

Alliance Française Dar Es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam (TZ)

curator Anoek De Smet